Caring Chefs

The Caring Chef ministry is a behind the scenes favorite for both those receiving and giving. This ministry provides meals to our church families who need a little TLC and nutrition during a time of transition such as a return home from a hospital stay or sickness, a death in the family or welcoming a new baby,

Once a need is known, the ministry leader will coordinate the team of chefs to provide a week's worth of hot meals or more depending upon the situation. Chefs typically prepare an entire meal themselves or share the job with another chef to get the cooking done and delivered to our families.

There is no speciic commitment to become a chef - just a desire to help and a willingness to be put on the list of chefs. If called upon, each chef can accept or decline at that time and still be on the list for future needs. There are no requirements for each meal other than if there are any allergies or restrictions from the "patient" which are provided to each chef along with the directions to each home. It's a great ministry for those who like to help out behind the scenes and/or need flexibility in their commitment. And it is especially well received and very touching to those who have benefited from the meals - a tangible example of love and care from our church family.