Women of Alabaster Street Ministry

Every second Saturday of the month

7:00pm – 11:00pm

Category: Women's Ministry | Coordinator: Brian Hoehler

Women of Alabaster

Our Mission: From Scarlet Hudson

Women of Alabaster Ministries Inc is a nonprofit faith-based organization that desires to meet the needs of those caught in human trafficking, by offering alternatives to life on the streets. We do this by visiting those affected every single week, allowing us to build the type of trusting relationship that is necessary if they are to take our advice seriously.  In addition to sharing the love of Jesus Christ, we also provide hygiene supplies, food andother basic care items during our weekly visits.  Our long term goals include opening a three-day detox facility in downtown Cincinnati, and Agape Farm which would allow us to provide the counseling and life skill training necessary in order for these victims to begin life anew.

Ways to get involved:

outreach teams

Volunteer training

Bible Study for women

Take a girl to church

Prayer Partners

Food partners

In season clothing

Advocacy partners

For more information please contact Scarlet Hudson 513-543-5656 

scarlethudson585@gmail.com                   Contact@WomenofAlabaster.org 

or Pastor Brian @ brianh@visitnewhope.org